• Glorify

    Susan Naylor Callaway

  • Prophets Knew

    Lloyd Larson

  • Let Us Praise Him, Alleluia

    Gregg Sewell

  • Welcome the Child of Light

    Mark Hayes

  • Joy in Judea

    David N Davenport

    Arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram

  • Ride On, O King

    Austin C Lovelace

  • Lord, I Know I Been Changed

    Larry Shackley

  • The Bethlehem Boy

    Robert Leaf

  • Hymn of Dedication

    Carl J Nygard

  • Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head

    Gilbert M Martin

  • Behold the Lamb!

    Larry Shackley

  • Three Benedictions

    Karin Thomas

  • Christ Crucified

    Gilbert M Martin

  • Wonderful Grace of Jesus

    Pepper Choplin

    Arranged by Mary McDonald

  • Thou Art the Christ

    Mark Hayes

  • Lord, Tune Our Hearts

    Joseph Martin

  • The Coventry Carol

    Victor C Johnson

  • Messiah Comes, Emmanuel!

    Gilbert M Martin

  • Lord of Our Hearts, He Will Be

    Stan Pethel

  • All Christians Now Rejoice

    John E Coates

  • You Alone Are God

    Mary McDonald

  • Candle of Peace

    Victor C Johnson

  • How Beautiful is the Gift!

    Sim Flora

  • Beautiful Light

    Larry Shackley

  • Echo Christmas Joy

    Mark Hayes

  • America Is Standing Tall

    Jay Althouse

  • Cradle Carol

    Gilbert M Martin

  • God Is So Good

    Douglas E Wagner

  • The Gift

    Gene Grier

  • What Star Is This?

    Craig Curry

  • All Hail the Power

    Mark Hayes

  • The Bellman's Carol

    Scott S Withrow

  • Come, Thou Almighty King

    David M Kellermeyer

  • Goin' Up to Glory

    André J Thomas

  • Carol of the Annunciation

    Martha W Dale

  • Thanksgiving and Praise

    John Lee

  • Alleluia! Alleluia!

    Kate Dickey McEwen

  • Come You Faithful, Raise the Strain

    Lani Smith

  • Alleluia

    Linda Spevacek

  • Who Are You, Lord?

    Ruth Elaine Schram

  • Christmas Bells

    Cynthia Gray

  • Let Heaven and Earth Sing Gloria!

    Dan R Edwards

  • Three Christmas Spirituals

    Susan Kochanek

  • Holy Redeemer - SATB

    David Lantz III

  • Ride On, King Jesus

    Larry Shackley

  • The Organist's Library, Vol. 56


  • The Organist's Library, Vol. 51


  • One God, One People, One Voice

    Larry Shackley

  • Tidings of Joy!

    Lloyd Larson

  • He Never Said a Mumbalin' Word

    William M Schoenfeld

  • Zion's Walls

    Mark Hayes

  • The Path to the Cross

    Larry Shackley

  • The Entry Into Jerusalem

    Van Denman Thompson

    Arranged by Thomas Chesterton

  • Let Carols Ring

    Linda Spevacek