• Tuba Tutor

    Scott Roeder

  • The Art of Tuba and Euphonium Playing

    Harvey Phillips; William Winkle

  • S*t*r*i*c*t-ly [Strictly] Technic for Band

    Jim Swearingen

  • Flexibility Studies for Tuba

    Ware, D

  • Studies in Ancient Irish Song

    Cottrell, J

  • Fifteen Tuba Etudes

    Nelhybel, Vaclav

  • Etudes in 24 Keys


    Arranged by Doughty, B

  • Preparatory Studies for Orchestral Excerpts, vol. 1

    Wagner, Berlioz and Respighi

    Arranged by Olt, Tim

  • Concepts of Tuba Technique

    AsKew and Bass

  • Progessive Tuba Etudes, vol. 1

    Uber, D

  • Progessive Tuba Etudes, vol. 2

    Uber, D

  • Progessive Tuba Etudes, vol. 3

    Uber, D

  • Solo Etudes for Tuba

    Uber, D

  • 50 Exercises sur le Coup de Langue Ternaire

    Ligner, Felix

    Arranged by Howey, Henry

  • Brass Gym for Tuba

    Patrick Sheridan and Sam Pilafian

  • 24 Exercises for Tuba and Piano

    Marco Borodogni